Stub Rowe’s major league baseball career ended with a ground out to the second baseman. Now it was time to consider what to do with the rest of his life. He had never given a lot of thought to retirement until it was staring him in the face.

Stub decides to drive across a country that he had mostly seen from 30,000 feet flying from city to city to play baseball. This would give him time to think about his future, see some of the sights he had only read about and reconnect with old friends.

First he needs to end a romance that like his baseball career has run its course. Then he visits his ex-wife and kids only to discover they have moved on without him.  A trip to see his sister ends in an argument with her unfaithful husband.  And he spends a chaotic night with an ex-teammate who has become a helpless alcoholic.

His trip finally hits a high note when he reconnects with a former girlfriend, at least until he receives an urgent phone call that requires him to change course, return home and solve a family emergency.

His life comes full circle as he focuses on finding a new career. The only occupation he knows is being a baseball lifer and starting over again in the minor leagues – a life of low pay, long bus rides and cheap hotels. It may be his only option.  

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