Brenda Walker passes slowly by “The Wall,” the memorial to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice during the Vietnam War. There, etched into the black granite, she spots the name of her college sweetheart, “John Briggs.” She had never known his fate until now.

Reflections of Valour is an American story of untested lovers from opposite backgrounds during the tumultuous early days of the Vietnam War. Their relationship grows despite the differences in their lives.

The Marine Corps owns his loyalty. When he is called to war, Briggs is torn between a sense of duty and having to leave behind the woman he loves.

In Vietnam, Briggs experiences the exhilaration, the boredom, the confusion, and the horrors of war. His unit hunts for the enemy across a barren landscape in the DMZ destroyed by American use of deadly herbicides.

Eventually, the hunter becomes the hunted when they are ambushed. After a fierce battle Briggs leaves the battlefield alive, but critically wounded. He faces slim odds to recover from wounds and his exposure to Agent Orange.

John Briggs’ place of honor on “The Wall” is more than a name. It is a life story. Two decades after they said goodbye, Brenda finally learns why he was drawn to war and what happened to him afterward. Her life is changed forever by knowing him and loving him.

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